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One Year of Service

Mart and I were reflecting recently on how quickly our first year in the repair business went. It’s been an awesome ride that we both feel we have learnt so much in. Each service and repair brings us something, whether it be a new way to overcome a challenge, a brand of instrument we’ve never seen before, a new way to use a tool, repetitive practice for our muscle memory, or new music enthusiasts to meet. We are also grateful to work in an area where our customers have been varied and appreciative, and to be able to work for the collector as well as for the schools in our vicinity trying to get their music programs up and running. Of course at times it has been frustrating and painful (spring stabs are so annoying), but it’s safe to say that the good and constructive times definitely outweigh the bad.

As we now recover from our first summer school instrument season, we are looking at how we can grow, learn, and improve our services even more for our second year.
One of the goals to be a bit more educational, by providing some resources on how to maintain instruments to schools, and by working on this blog. If there’s anything you’d like to see more of, we’d love to hear from you!

In the meantime, our greatest thanks to you for your support, whether you’ve brought us an instrument to repairs, offered advice, taught us new things, or even just liked our posts on social media. Bring on year two!

Your repair buddies,

Chenoa and Mart


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