Instruments and Accessories for Sale


Are you looking to buy or sell an instrument? We can help you out there too!

All our pre-loved instruments have been serviced by us and are in great working-order, ready for a new owner to breathe life into them again.

If you are interested in any of the instruments listed below or have an instrument you’d like to sell, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Featured FOR SALE Instrument – Don Burrows Alto Sax (John Lehner Collaboration)
$2,000 ono

This is a silver semi-pro sax, described as a big player and in excellent condition. See the photos below and visit the following website for more detailed information about this model –

  • ARMSTRONG USA Flute; Very good condition, suitable for intermediates/beginners, (includes cleaning rod)
    Priced $325.00                                                                                                                         
  • YAMAHA JAPAN Flute (3 available) in excellent condition, suitable for intermediates/beginners (include cleaning rods)                                                       
    Priced from $395.00 – $495.00
  • LeBlanc Sonata wood FRANCE Clarinet Bb in immaculate condition, suitable for beginners/intermediates
    Priced $950.00
  • YAMAHA JAPAN Clarinet Bb ABS (2 available) in very good condition, suitable for beginners
    Priced $395.00 each
  • SCHREIBER GERMANY Clarinet Bb ABS in very good condition suitable for beginners
    Priced $295.00
  • PRŰFER USA Classic clarinet Bb ABS from the 1960’s. In good condition
    Priced $150.00
  • CONN Wooden Bb Clarinet USA 1946/47 in very good condition
    Negotiable price
  • YAMAHA Alto saxophone JAPAN YAS25 in good condition, suitable for intermediate/beginners, includes basic accessories
    Priced $1095.00
  • J MICHAEL Alto Saxophone Japanese Technology In very good condition. Suitable for beginners. Includes basic accessories
    Priced $650.00
  • GRASLITZ KOHLERT SONS Alto saxophone CZECHOSLOVAKIA 1930 very good condition
    Negotiable price
  • SELMBER BUNDY II Tenor Saxophone USA in good condition
    Priced $990.00
  • BLESSING SCHOLASTIC USA Piccolo Very good condition
    Priced $350.00


We are also building up our stock of commonly used accessories. See below for our current stock. If there’s anything you’d like us to regularly stock or get in for you, let us know!

  • ‘Vandoren’ Bb Clarinet Reeds – $11.00 for a pack of 3 (Sizes 2, 2.5, 3)
  • ‘Vandoren’ Alto Saxophone Reeds – $13.50 for pack of 3 (Sizes 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3)
  • ‘Superslick’ Cork Grease – $3.50 each tube
  • ‘Superslick’ Bore Oil – $4.50 each bottle (dropper top)
  • Clarinet Soft Thumb Rest Cushions – $3.50 each
  • ‘Neotech’ Soft Saxophone Neck Strap – $24.00 each
  • Alto/Tenor Saxophone Pull Thrus – $11.50 each (cotton)
  • Clarinet Cleaning Swabs – $9.50 each
  • Flute Metal Cleaning Rods – $7.50 each