Trumpet Maintenance

How-To Grease Trumpet Slides

The majority of trumpets that come into our workshop have one or more stuck slides. These can be very time consuming and difficult, therefore expensive to fix and can be easily prevented by keeping them greased.

Your trumpet has four slides, one for each of the three valves and the largest one for general tuning. Each of these slides should move smoothly and easily. If they aren’t and you notice some stiffness or scratchiness, they need to be greased. The following video gives a neat and clear explanation on how to do this, and we are happy to show you in the workshop as well. The video has lots of info about general maintenance on a trumpet which is valuable to watch. If you want just the slide specific information, it starts at the 6 minute mark.

!!NOTE!! If you can’t move a slide and it is very stuck, DO NOT use force to remove it. While trumpets are made of metal and may look tough, they can be dented and damaged very easily if the wrong tools are used. When a slide is stuck, take it to your closest repairer, who will have the tools and know-how to remove slides.


Happy greasing trumpeters!

Mart and Chenoa